Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Big in the City

I have been incognito recently due to my inability to adequately balance work, school, and blogging.  I took a final exam last night, and I'm off work for the rest of the evening, so I'm going to break from being a productive member of society to regale my readers.  Don't expect much.  I'm a working adult now, which means I am probably losing my sense of humor.  Pretty soon I will start blogging about escrow accounts, and bitching incessently about neighborhood dogs pooping on my front lawn.  Wait.  I still smiled at the word "pooping."  There is hope for me yet.

Moving on... Last Friday, for the first time in years, my dad and I had a father/daughter night out.  My dad won tickets through a museum fundraiser to see Little Big Town at the Keith Albee and asked me to go with him.  The tickets were for front row, center seats, which was fairly awkward considering I know as much about Little Big Town as they know about me.  At the end of the concert, one of the band members leaned down and asked me to pass one of their guitar picks back to a fan two rows behind me.

"Hey awkward girl in the front row, will you pass this souvenir to a real fan?"

"Sure thing boss."

Nonetheless, the show was fun and I was happy to share the experience with my dad.  On an aside, every time I see a cello, I picture a giant picking it up and playing it like a violin.  It's the little things...

The highlight of the night was finding out that Kacey Musgraves was the opening act.  I love her voice, and if I could I would steal it and store it in a seashell just like Ursula in The Little Mermaid.  Does that make me a bad person?  No.  Just misunderstood.

Anyway, I love Kacey's voice and her songwriting, and I have already pre-ordered her cd which comes out this month.  It's not my favorite of her songs, but I like how Merry Go 'Round is eerily applicable to small town West Virginia.  Also, she commented on how pretty our local theatre is.  What a class act.

On Saturday, I spent the day at the mall with my sister-in-law, Brandy, and my niece, Lola.  We rode the mall train, climbed giant vegetables in the play place, and bought some new duds.

While we were in Macy's, Lola grabbed a black and pink bedazzled Hello Kitty shirt meant for a pre-teen.  She nonchalantly placed it in her stroller and said, "this shirt is one of my likes."  (When Lola is pleased with something she either says it is one of her likes, or that it's delicious.)   When Brandy tried to put the shirt back on the clothes rack, Lola shouted "But it's just my size!"

Lola also insisted on sitting on the bottom part of her stroller, like this:

Rollin' through the mall in my stroller,
sippin' on milk and juice, laid back,
with my mind on my paci and my paci on my mind.
Brandy asked me how long it would take for another mom to judge her for allowing this.  Within five minutes, a woman came up to us and said in a snarky voice, "um, your child is falling out of the stroller."  I wanted to respond with, "what child?"  Take your criticisms elsewhere, fun sponge.

Finally, I got a drink on Sunday with my friend Sarah so we could discuss a matter of great importance.  Sarah is thinking of joining the local roller derby league.  The problem is, she needs a nickname to put on her jersey.  The nickname needs to be clever and lend itself easily to cheers and heckling.  It also can't be too offensive because her family will see it.

I suggested Sarah go by the name "Rack Kuhn," since her last name is Kuhn.  She likes the idea of wearing a black Zorro mask, and I like the idea of heckling the other team members with things like "Hide your cat food, here comes the Rack Kuhn!" or "Hope you had your rabies shot!  Viva Rack Kuhn!"  We aren't sold on the idea, however, so any suggestions you have would be welcome.  Also, what is roller derby?

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