Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (4)

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Blogger shows me the keywords people use in search engines to find my blog.  I took a picture of some of this week's keywords so I could share them with you.  I was disappointed to see that people are cheating at the Burger King Family Feud game.  It is unfair to those of us who won our free chicken wraps with integrity.

Also, for the record, strippers can be doctors, and I haven't found
onlinebootycall women to be misleading at all.


My friend James asked where he could go to read the poem I mentioned in last week's quick takes.  The winner's list can be found here, but not the entries themselves.  Therefore I will now post my poem, which is short and to the point.  Ahem.

A Wino's Triolet

He took another drink of wine
And laid down on the street.
The master of his own decline
He took another drink of wine.
A quiet voice inside his mind
Said ‘Get back on your feet!’
But he took another drink of wine
And stayed down on the street.


This past weekend Scott and I went to Black Sheep Burrito & Brews for brunch.  The fried potatoes you see pictured below are coated in sugar and cinnamon and dreams and magic.


My dad had spinal surgery on Monday.  He is back home and doing really well.  I figure the biggest issue will be getting him to sit still long enough to actually heal properly.

Who can manage to look handsome even immediately
following a spinal surgery?  This guy!


I started adult ballet this week.  As anticipated, I'm awful.  My arms and legs refuse to do what I tell them to, and I am about as flexible as a concrete block.  I'm serious.  My school gym teachers had to estimate my score in the sit-and-reach test because I couldn't even reach the ruler.  But, the instructor and my classmates are really nice and non-judgmental (which is especially fortunate for me as I was sporting a Gryffindor shirt).


I am giving the downstairs bathroom a makeover.  This includes spackling/sanding the walls, repainting, putting in a new sink top and faucet, taking out the old toilet, putting in a new one, bleaching the shower grout, re-caulking the tub, and redoing the floors.  My fear is that my improvements will be worse than the original.  Like in the case of that lady who meant to restore a 19th century Jesus fresco, but instead turned it into a creature bred from an Ewok and the Ohio State mascot.

It's simple math.


Finally, I saw this on a friend's Facebook wall this week and it made me laugh so I am sharing:


  1. As a long-retired lawyer, I can never resist a blog with a legal pun name. You nailed it on the art restoration! Prayers for your dad's recovery.

  2. i love everything about all of this

  3. Wow, pug meme bread is certainly an interesting one, wonder how that came about?

    Also, I think your blog might have the best title I have ever seen!