Monday, June 4, 2012

Doctors and Dancers

Blogging is daunting at times.  I can literally write about anything, which is simultaneously scary and liberating.  I often write down ideas for my next entry in a little notebook, so I can look at them later and wonder what the hell I was even talking about.  Over the past few days I wrote things like "tan line that looks like you're wearing white shorts," "channeling your inner Breakfast Club," and "would you rather use someone else's toothbrush or nasal spray?"  What stands out about these notes is that they are all incredibly frivolous and shallow.  So, I decided to take a break from my usual banter and blog about something important.  Feel free to answer the nasal spray question though.  I'm curious.

The subject of today's blog is how much my friends rock.  All of them.  I have no bad friends.  Not even mediocre ones.  Except that one.  Just kidding, you're all right, too.  Anyway, I was reminded of how amazing my friends are when I attended two different events this weekend.

On Saturday evening I went to a going away service for my friend Dominique.  She is leaving for medical school this summer, and her church put together a surprise service for her that featured her favorite hymns, and a sermon inspired by her accomplishments and the journey she is about to begin.  It was incredible to see how many lives Dominique has touched.  

Dominique was student body president at Marshall, where I went to undergrad, and has been involved in so many community service projects around Huntington that it's hard to keep track of them.  Members of her church stood up and thanked Dominique for things she has done to help them personally, like helping keep them in track in school, or reading to them when they were in the hospital.  I was so impressed with her church family for how much thought they put into Dominique's service and and how friendly and welcoming they were to newcomers.  The service was indicative of what kind of people they are, and as importantly, what kind of person Dominique is.  Now she is going to be a doctor and I can't wait to see all the good she will do.  I selfishly hope she will come back to Huntington after she finishes school.  We need her here pretty desperately.  We are all rooting for you, Dominique!!

The awesome program from Dominique's surprise service.

On Sunday afternoon, Courtney and I went to our friend Anna's dance recital.  Anna works in event planning at the local museum during the day, and attends grad school and teaches dance at Huntington Dance Theatre in the evenings.  She also does a ton of community service around Huntington, and I really don't know how she balances everything and still has a smile on her face every time I see her.

Anyway, Huntington Dance Theatre's spring recital was on Sunday.  Anna taught the 3 and 4-year-old "creative movement" class, choreographed multiple routines for other dancers, and danced in multiple numbers herself.  She is so talented, and her 3 and 4-year-olds were adorable.  They were dressed as little pink bunnies, and when they hopped about on stage I seriously thought I might die from cuteness over-exposure.  After the show, the kids kept running up to give Anna flowers and hugs.  It was obvious how much they adore her.

When I turned to the back of the program, I saw that Anna had written a message as the Theatre's new director.  I can't think of anyone better for the job, and if you have little kids who are interested in dance you should absolutely enroll them in her class.  I can't think of a better role model or teacher.

The beautiful Miss Anna!  So proud of her!
Seriously.  I'm thinking about having kids solely so I can send them to her for lessons.


  1. Very impressive friends...and nasal spray

  2. Hate nasal spray but LOVE these ladies. So sorry that I missed both events but honored to have each of you in my life.