Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Electric... Boogie Woogie!

Like most West Virginians, I lost my electric (and water) last Friday night.  My dad and his wife were the only ones in the family that had electricity, plus they just put in a pool a few weeks ago.  Naturally, all of their children, grandchildren, and a few wayward friends gathered at their place on Saturday.  My step-sister Demetria and I spent a lot of the day teaching our 7-year-old nephew Sean to swim.  By the end of the day he could go the length of the pool on his own.  I'm so proud!

Michael Phelps, I'd like you to meet your newest rival.

My niece, Lola, is fearless when it comes to water.

The higher you toss her in the air, the more she loves you.
Picture by John Midkiff.
Now that's a kid who loves life.
Picture by your's truly.
A day of extreme heat, no water, and no electricity, turned out to be one of the best days I've had in a long time because of the amazing people I spent it with.  Not that I would have any right to complain anyway.  I feel horrible for the employees who have spent every day working overtime in the heat away from their families.  Thank you!

In other news, for the past month or so the left side of my face has been tingly and sore.  My doctor  said it was probably just a sinus infection and put me on antibiotics.  The antibiotics didn't help, and the pain got worse.  Then my front teeth started to ache, and I found a lump on my face right under my nose.

I made an appointment with the dentist yesterday, and took a seat in the waiting room beside a colorful aquarium.  This guy swam over, nonchalantly, and attempted to suck out my soul.  I think he was a Dementor. 

Expecto Patronum, asshole!
The dentist took an x-ray and it turns out I have an abscess above my front-side tooth that has eaten away some of the surrounding bone.  It is really big, and I'm strangely proud of it.

I know they say size doesn't matter...
The dentist scheduled me an appointment later that afternoon with an endodontist who cut open the abscess, put me on different antibiotics, and scheduled me for a root canal on July 16th.  The best part of this whole experience was how lovely I looked after the procedure.

Watch out Gotham City, there's a new villain in town.

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