Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (1)


Every Friday, my friend Anna does a blog entry called "Seven Quick Takes Friday."  Anna got the idea from a blog called "Conversion Diary", asked me to join in, and here we are.


One of the greatest things about Huntington is its abundance of festivals offering delicious food:  Chili Fest, Greek Fest, Hot Dog Fest, Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Fest.  Each has its own speciality dishes, and I try to honor each festival by partaking of its edible goods.  This weekend, however, Huntington will honor barbecue sauce, pulled pork sandwiches, smoked ribs, and brisket.

My friends, Ribfest is upon us.

Scott and I went to the riverfront last night to pay tribute to the Carolina Rib King, and to listen to Get the Led Out, an incredibly talented and spot-on Led Zeppelin cover band.  The festival is going on through Sunday, so if you're in Huntington, you should check it out.


I am pleased to announce that today I was the proud winner of a Burger King Crispy Chicken Wrap.  This game combined several of my favorite things:  Family Feud, eating Burger King, scratch off tickets, and winning!

Survey says... give me a chicken wrap!


I have been watching Game of Thrones, and I just started Season 2 yesterday.  It is a really good show, but I wish they didn't kill so many horses and babies.


This fake mustache fad has gotten way out of control.  There is now a line of greeting cards at Target called "rock the 'stache."  Each card comes with its own unique fake mustache.  Admittedly, I'm probably just irritated because I have been trying to come up with discrete ways to rid my upper lip of hair ever since my hair stylist asked me if I wanted her to wax it.  I don't need a fake mustache to remind me of my real pain.


I have finished the first draft of my book, and several of my friends are editing it for me.  In the meantime, I'm sending some of the chapters in to newspapers, magazines, and journals.  I will keep you posted as I hear back from them.


While grocery shopping at Kroger this week, I saw this apron on display:

It reads "pampered pooch."
It is too big for a dog, so the only logical conclusion is that this apron is intended for adult women.  This baffles me.  I don't want to label myself as a dog, pampered or otherwise, while I'm in the kitchen.


  1. Jenna, maybe the pampered pooch apron is either for women that make their dogs bones or for woman that have a "pooch" hidden under their aprons.

    I am also writing a book and am perplexed by book companies wanting a paper about what your book is about before they will even look at it. Has this been your experience?
    Crystal Weible

    1. Ha ha! I hope you're right. I know I like to label my problem areas in text on my clothing. Also, yes. I am familiar with the dreaded query letter. We should meet up sometime to discuss our experiences with the whole writing/publishing process. I would love to catch up anyway!

  2. Congrats on finishing your first draft!

    1. Thanks James! How is your writing coming along?