Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ho-Hooooo! (7 Holiday Quick Takes)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Here are some highlights from mine:


To kick things off, here is Lola's picture with Santa from this year.  About three seconds after this picture was taken, Lola whimpered to Santa that she wants a dinosaur.

The look of pure terror.

I went to an ugly sweater party this year (like most everyone else), and we did a white elephant gift exchange (a game where you swap wrapped presents that everyone brings to the party).  My favorite part of the night was either: (a) winning a box full of DVD sets like Gilmore Girls, the O.C., and Dawson's Creek or (b) seeing my friend Drew dressed in his mother's sweater vest and a dickey carrying around a hot pink Kaboodle.

Nevermind.  (B) is the winner.


I spent the night before Christmas at my brother's house so I could wake up Christmas morning and watch my two-year-old niece open her presents from Santa.  My brother and his wife did an amazing job with Lola's gifts.  Here is a picture of their living room before Lola woke up.

There were 5, yes 5, princess dresses hanging from the tree.
All month Lola has been asking for a "Mickey cake" for Christmas.  We have no idea where she got the idea from, but Santa brought her one.  Not only is this a Mickey Mouse cake, as requested, but it does not contain any egg or wheat, since Lola is allergic to both.  I found this incredibly endearing.


Lola was very polite while opening her presents, telling everyone "thank you."  Somewhere along the line, however, she got the idea that Santa Claus sounds like a rap artist.


As usual, we all ended up having a dance party upstairs.  Lola wanted to try out her new ballet skirt and gymnastics shirt.


We had dinner at my dad and Tammy's house.  Tammy had the place looking like something out of a magazine, as usual.  Dinner was delicious, and I loved getting to see the whole family together.  I was also excited to finally give my dad the Star Trek Next Generation Pez Collection I bought him.

John (little bro) and my niece, Haylee, at dinner.

Today my friend Anna gave me the best Christmas present ever.  It is an entire book filled with potential lists you can make.  I love making lists!  The OCD in me is just dying to take this book for a test drive.  Giving me this gift is like taking a hoarder to a rummage sale.  Thanks Anna!

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