Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Before and Afters?

Can I still call myself a blogger when it has been this long since my last post?  I'd say it's questionable.  At this point "Lawyer? I Hardly Know Her" could best be described as a blog that focuses on apologizing for not writing in my blog.

And the amount of loose ends I have left untied is just shameful.  For example, you might be wondering if I ever made the grand prize stuffed animal for my sweepstakes.  The answer is yes.  I made it out of a t-shirt, cotton balls, and love.  I neglected to post a picture, however, because the grand prize winner, Jackie, has been traveling the United States doing residency interviews and we have been unable to meet up as of yet.

However, now that I have shown her a picture of her new stuffed animal friend, I feel okay posting a picture.  She asked me to make her a stuffed pug (her choice, I swear!)  because it just so happens she has an adorable pug-mate named Duke.  I tried to make my pug resemble Duke as he looks in a picture from Jackie's wedding day.  First, here is the picture of Jackie and Duke that I used as inspiration:

Note the classy green polka dot bow tie.

Now meet t-shirt pug.  I added a top-hat in addition to the green bow tie,
only because I think Duke would look dashing in a top hat.

Next on the agenda is the renovation of my bathroom.  I decided to walk you through the arduous process with pictures.


The theme was fish and Crayola wallpaper, which might work if I had kids.  But I don't.  So it doesn't.

Anyway, step one was wallpaper removal, which just so happens to be my personal hell.  Also, this particular bathroom had wallpaper on top of other wallpaper.  Twice the fun!

After removing the wallpaper and the towel racks, I spackled, sanded, and taped in preparation for painting.

Never use a sander without your respirator and Mr. Magoo goggles.
Next, I removed the old sink and countertop and repainted the vanity and wall-shelf.

Ye olde sink.

New wall-shelf color.
Then, as discussed in an earlier post, I picked out a new toilet.

Ye olde can.
The bolts were a little rusty.

Underneath the toilet.  This visual still
haunts me every time I close my eyes.
Naturally, I bleached the shower tile grout next.

My friend Josh was kind enough to help me install the new floor.

Much better!
Finally, I nailed the base molding back in place, installed the new toilet, and reattached all of the water lines.  I still need to get a new mirror and shower curtain, but here is the current before and after!

Even if you don't think it's much of an improvement, feel free to tell me it is because I don't think I've ever worked so hard on anything else.  Except for the stuffed pug.

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