Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Buffalo Winter

I recently discovered my passion for turning on the "English transcribed" closed captioning option in YouTube videos, especially ones that feature foreign accents.  It rarely gets a single word correct, leaving the viewer with no clue as to even the general theme of the dialogue. Some may call it nonsense.  I call it poetry.  To illustrate, please read the following in your best William Shatner voice:

"They want to focus,
live nineteen fourteen weeks always alone,
they will say about the buffalo winter
belted into the eye and islands of slips."

This poem comes directly from the YouTube closed captioning of a rousing speech by Theon Greyjoy's in Game of Thrones.

What about Braveheart's Freedom Speech?  The great William Wallace rallies with a cry of: "For presenting your sales on this battle interview thanks uses apartment to join in juba on a demo mister Scotland!"

"Phantom stock but really was a seven b twelve!" the men respond.

Now let's look at Trainspotting:

"The truth is the unabomber password."  Now that is some deep stuff.

You get the point.  Anyway, if you are in the market for a new hobby you should try it.  At the very least you can use it to pad your resume.


  1. Thanks to your post, I just spent the last half hour watching foreign films on YouTube with the closed caption on. You have made my day!