Friday, October 26, 2012

Princess Baby... in 7 Quick Takes (10)

Wednesday was my niece, Lola's, second birthday.  We had a small family get-together to celebrate, though my sister-in-law, Brandy, is hosting a big dual-celebration this weekend for my brother and my niece in the form of a pig roast.  It is amazing to me how much Lola has changed over the past year (What?  A child changed between the ages of one and two?  I know I'm stating the obvious.  Just let me reminisce for a minute.  Geez.)
One year later and still as stylish as ever...
Lola is my favorite person, and I thought it would be fitting to make her the theme of this week's Quick Takes in honor of her birthday.


Lola has recently been referring to herself as "Princess Baby."  I find this incredibly endearing and adorable, and am trying to overlook the fact that it might mean we are all spoiling her a little too much.

Introducing, her royal highness, Princess Baby.

On Wednesday I took Lola to a local park for her birthday while Brandy was preparing her birthday dinner.  Lola followed a group of ducks around while repeatedly yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUCKS!"  With each repetition of this phrase, I loved her even more.

As usual, playing on the playground equipment came
in second to picking up handful after handful of pea gravel.

Sometimes, while using the bathroom, Lola will yell out "Bye bye poop!" Why didn't I think of that?


Lola loves taking gymnastics classes, which she refers to as "nastics."  At the end of class she gets a hand stamp, but she insists that they stamp her foot as well.  She wants to get her money's worth.

Future Olympic gymnast, or the next big
wrestling sensation.  Only time will tell. 

Lola recently discovered her love of dinosaurs, which automatically makes her that much cooler.  My brother and Brandy took her to the Natural History Museum in D.C., and that is where her love began. Now when Lola's asthma is acting up, and she has to wear a mask for her breathing treatments, she pretends she is a dinosaur.  I can assure you that there is nothing in the world more endearing than a 2-year-old asthmatic pitifully pretending to be a dinosaur.


Whenever anyone gets ready to leave my brother's house, Lola yells "Bye!" at the top of her lungs, personally walks the person to the door, and pushes them on the butt if they try to linger too long.  She would make a great bouncer.


Most importantly, Lola is just a sweet, happy, and smart little girl.  She has amazing parents who have done a spectacular job raising her.

Only the best daddies wear pig ear headbands for their
daughter's birthday party invitations.
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  1. Since I have never had the pleasure of meeting Miss Lola in person and only know her through FaceBook, I really appreciate you describing this very outgoing personality that I didn't know she possessed. Her pictures portray a somewhat shy and pretty thing. I love that she has a voice! Thanks Jenna, this was great! Happy Birthday Princess Baby!

    1. Teri, I am so excited for you to meet Lola! You will absolutely love her and vice versa!

  2. Found you on conversion diary and wish you'd blog more cause I'll be coming back to read. Not to self promote, but I think you'd like my last weeks 7 quick takes on 2 women lawyers who became writers (every lawyer's secret fantasy).

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I will definitely try to blog more often, and will check out your blog as well!