Friday, November 9, 2012

7 "Adult" Quick Takes (12)

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I bet you made certain assumptions based on the title of this post.  That's because the word "adult" carries with it specific connotations.  While sitting at a red light earlier I thought about how adding "adult" in front of another word transforms it into something racy, or something really lame.  Here are, you guessed it, 7 prime examples:

Adult Supervision

Lame-sauce.  No one in the history of life has ever thought, "Hey, you know what would make this party that much cooler?  Some adult supervision!"

Adult Parties

Racy.  You might just mean you are sharing an evening of trivial pursuit and red wine with your adult co-workers, but the assumption will be something involving more handcuffs and whipped cream.

Adult Acne

Lame.  Acne is bad enough.  I've been there.  But putting the word adult in front of it adds another element of shame.  No one wants this oily souvenir from their awkward formative years.

Adult Videos

Racy.  Porn.

Adult Ballet

Lame, in theory.  (No offense, Jenna.  None taken!)  I happen to love my adult ballet class, though I can see how, hypothetically, this phrase might be considered lame.

Adult Costumes

Racy.  Acceptable in the bedroom and on Halloween.  And at adult parties (see #2 above).

Adult Language

Lame.  Really, I don't even know exactly what classifies as adult language.  I suppose George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" would count.  Besides that, there is a whole lot of gray area.  Like Fart.  No one wants their kid to say fart because it's a "bad word."  I'd like to see some definitive data on that.