Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Random Craigslist Quick Takes (14)

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Once again I explored the local Craigslist page, and once again I found a treasure trove of material.  From romance to political rants, Craigslist has a little something for everyone.  Here are some of my favorites from November:


I found this little gem titled "BoyCott Frito Lays" on the Rants and Raves section:  

"Did you know Frito Lays potatoes are made in Mexico,they out source or jobs boycott them ,if we don't protect our own jobs who will the goverment LOL check your labels people by americna."

Thanks for bringing this travesty to our attention, Gumshoe.  Obviously, you would have been much better qualified to do this job.  Except you would have to leave your house to go to work, and might even have to pass a drug test.  Also, I just want to point out that it is disappointing that a true Patriot such as yourself neglected to spell American correctly or capitalize it.  Do I smell a Communist?  Anyway, keep up the good work!


Now how about a Missed Connection or two?  I personally like the one titled "Blue shirt Blue tee shirt Tuesday am in a Hospital room."  It states:  

"I met you via a person you were to talking about food,I like very much what I saw ,i was in blue shirt and blue tee, gray hair ,you were going to do something this weekend,if you see this and are interested what were you going to do."

I like this one for several reasons.  First, the writer is posting a Missed Connection from a hospital room. That in itself makes me giggle.  Second, I love the vivid detail.  "I met you.  Through a person.  You are a human being, and also eat food.  You were going to do something, probably at some place.  Interested?"


I get the distinct impression that this Missed Connection was written by a caveman:

"saturday,you handsome grey sweatshirt jeans me jeans,check shirt thought you were so handsome we both look at each other,me beefy guy you smiled"

You handsome.  Grunt.  Me beefy guy.


Here is one from the Strictly Platonic section:

"I am a very easy down to earth 50 year old female looking for friends someone to hang out with during the weekday from 8 am till noon I like been pampered and spoiled you must be between 50 and 80 years old just reply to this postersend me your name and phone number and ill get back to you "

This one outright confused me.  You want a friend between 50 and 80 who will pamper and spoil you between 8 a.m and noon on week days?  That is mighty specific.  What if I want to hang out at 3 on a Saturday?  What if I don't turn 50 until 3 weeks from this Tuesday?  I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Another Strictly Platonic post:

"I have been studying and learning hypnosis but want to find someone to practice on. I am a clean normal guy looking for someone who might be trying to better them selves or stop a bad habit. I will do my best to help if you do your best to let me become better at this skill. If you are interested, write me with your name in the subject line."

This one makes my alarm bells go off.  Normal guys don't ask for hypnosis guinea pigs on Craigslist.  I learned that the hard way...



One post asks for a ride from Huntington, WV to Los Angeles, CA:

"Looking for a ride out west my destination is Los Angeles but will ride as far West as your going. Ready to go when you are! Can buy food and as much Snacks as you like. Please email with a phone number to reach you."

Drive a stranger 2,300 miles in exchange for snacks?  Okay, but these snacks better be delicious!


For sale:

"selling 80+ monster energy gear tabs for $20 tabs are used to get gear from monster energy. email if interested."

Can you even imagine the possibilities?


  1. Wait a minute, I've been in hospitals... that one was clearly meant for me!

    1. I hope you responded to the ad and met your true love.