Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pat Bunnytar

Last night’s benefit for Tommy went really well:  Good music, great friends, and tiny plastic bottles of wine.

Huntington, WV band AC30
Me, Anna, and Lindsey
Anna looking classy with her travel-size Chardonnay
I spent most of today writing at my local haunt, the world-renowned Panera Bread, and at the store where I picked up two of these little gems:
It is a little known fact that the ambrosia referred to in Ancient Greek mythology was actually what we know today as the Cadbury Creme Egg.  Their seasonal availability makes them that much more desirable. I like candies that play hard to get.  To top it off, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" was playing in Walgreens and I got to watch Scott put on bunny ears and pretend to be "Pat Bunnytar."  If that's not clever and embarrassing, I don't know what is.


  1. I just died laughing at "I like candies that play hard to get." I love your posts so far!!! For the record, I'd totally buy your book(s).

    --Emmy D

    P.s. my mom told me she like to read your blog, ha!

  2. I'm guilty of stocking up on Cadbury Mini-Eggs, treasures from the Gods.

  3. The benefit was so fun! I'm so glad you came. I wish you weren't going out of town this weekend so you could be around for St. Patty's Day. Although meeting book agents is probably much more beneficial to your writing career than drinking with us at St. Mark's. Although the drinking might provide more content. :)