Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Artist's Way is Tribal

Spring is the season for growth and rebirth, and this year things seem to be coming up Jenna.

First, Panera Bread recently introduced a fresh fruit pastry that pairs well with my morning hazelnut coffee.  I asked the cashier if she would recommend that I go out on a limb and try this new pastry.  She told me there is only one word to describe it:  "delicious."  While it is no cheese danish, I'll admit it's pretty damn good.

Looking good, fresh fruit pastry.  What is your secret?

Second, my friend Adam, who I have known since high school, came in town last week and asked me to meet him for lunch.  He is also rearranging his life plans to accommodate his passion for writing.  During lunch, Adam told me that he is reading a book by Julia Cameron called "The Artist's Way."  He advised me to buy it (which I did yesterday) and told me that it gives a lot of helpful advice for anyone trying to develop their creative process.  He also told me that it says "the artist's way is tribal."

We both laughed at that phrase because, well, it sounds funny.  But it's true.  It is far easier to stay on track if you are in touch with people who have goals similar to yours.  I took a writing course last fall, and I still meet up occasionally with my classmates so we can share our work and get feedback.  The advice I have received from other writers has been invaluable.

By the end of lunch, Adam and I agreed to send each other our full manuscripts (my book and his book of poetry).  It was the first time I shared my entire book with anyone.  I worried that Adam would think my writing is underdeveloped and awkward; the same sort of worries I would have were I sharing a nude picture.  Sharing your writing, especially the chapters that are still raw and unfinished, is incredibly personal.  But, nerves aside, I am so grateful to have a friend willing to help me better my work.

Within two days, Adam was already giving me incredible feedback.  I really think Adam's advice will get me one step closer to sending out my final manuscript.  I am now halfway through his book of poetry, and I am incredibly impressed.  He has a way of writing phrases that stick with you, because of both their sound and meaning.

As for my law firm, I have now submitted the contract for my malpractice insurance, bought an office phone, and picked out the paint colors for my office which will be located in Barboursville.  I feel so grown up and professional.  I will post pictures as soon as my office is in order.  I'm thinking that a cow theme might work.

The website calls this a cow sofa, though I think it would have been more
clever and straightforward to refer to it as a "cowch." Picture Source

I could even refer to my office as the "corral," which is something I've wanted to do ever since I thought of it a few seconds ago.  My ads can say something like, "I will win you lots of moo-lah, and that's no bull!"  Okay.  I'm done.  Also, I swear I am going to take my law firm very seriously.  I'm just getting this out of my system.

On an aside, I have received text messages from multiple people informing me that my Facebook picture has been showing up next to other people's names on their news feeds.  This unintentional photo-bombing freaks me out a bit.  Examples:

Is this happening to anyone else?  And if it is only happening with my picture, can we collectively start referring to it as "Jenna-rolling?"

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