Friday, May 11, 2012

To the Person Who Stole My Debit Card Number...

Yesterday I found out that my debit card number was stolen and used to make some expensive purchases.  I keep telling myself that the person who stole my debit card number and bought $485 worth of stuff at Walmart was buying baby food and diapers for their children who would otherwise have to go without.  Or maybe the thief was just trying to buy his or her poor grandmother her heart pills at the Walmart pharmacy (I often hear the elderly make mention of "heart pills.")  This type of thinking is what I use to keep my anger manageable in these situations.

Somehow, though, I think the purchase breakdown would look more like this:

Skull-emroidered subwoofer : $129.00

Confederate Alphabet Book: $14.44

Tweety Attitude Steering Wheel Cover : $8.54

Extenze Male Enhancement Formula : $28.36

Milwaukee's Best, 32 oz. can : $2.00

Flipping the Bird T-Shirt : $7.50

Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit : $27.58
RCA 32" HDTV : $267.58

Causing an unsuspecting victim to have to cancel their debit card and file a claim with their bank's fraud department in hopes of getting money back that they never spent in the first place?



  1. Same thing happened to Karen and I. To me it seemed like they were trying to get caught, they made purchases online in Ireland, Mexico, Canada, New York, Minnesota, and Kentucky. Ultimately they only got away with about $200 dollars, though we only got back $75. Good times.

    1. Eek! I was very lucky and my bank credited me back all of the money. What's wrong with people? I hope you and Karen are doing well!!

  2. So in addition to getting your money back will you get to collect the stolen items if the thief is caught? If so dips on the book!

    1. Courtney, I will get you that book if you really want it, but I think we can come up with a better way for you to learn the alphabet.

  3. Is there a reason the card wasn't declined? I would ask your bank about that ecspecially if you had used in it town that same day. I had a similar incident where someone tried to use my card number down in North Carolina but it was refused. I also got a call from my bank about the charge.

    1. The card should have been declined because the culprit used an incorrect billing address for their online purchase. My bank credited me back all $485 because of this.