Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mystery Solved!

Well, the facts are now in regarding my stolen debit card.  I contacted Walmart and figured out the culprit.  

My debit card was used by Ruth, in an Ohio Walmart,
to buy a new laptop computer.
My apologies to Ruth from Ohio, whom I've never met, for making wild assumptions about about your taste in Walmart merchandise.  I will clear up any misunderstandings immediately.  

A look at Ruth's Facebook page actually reveals her interests to be:  God, The Holy Bible, Ozzy Osbourne, Applebee's, computer games (she appears to be quite the Cityville and Farmville enthusiast), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (oh, the irony), Campbell's condensed soup, and Friskies Brand Premium Cat Food.  She likes hot chocolate, and wishes she could live at the beach for the rest of her life. She has a special affinity for disaster films.

This was also on her page:

Ruth needs a Desktop Computer to finish their City Sam Offices!

Ruth is working hard to build a new City Sam Offices in CityVille and could use your help. You'll earn one for lending a hand, too.
Ruth, you old bag!  If you really needed a new computer for Cityville, why didn't you just ask?  You could use my debit card for the purchase!

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