Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (5)

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I recently had the good fortune to happen upon a "Where Are They Now" article for the Sandlot, and I decided to share it on this Quick Takes Friday.  Enjoy!  I bet Wendy Peffercorn is kicking herself now.  Lookin' good, Squirts!


I found another gem on Craiglist's local "rants and raves" section, titled "Women slutting it up:"

"Since when did whoring around become a 'quality' for women? How many out there would slut it up for a celeb even if they were married? 90 percent at least I'd be willing to bet. I don't what happened to you women, but you truly are a spiritually dead."

This man (I'm assuming it's a man) sounds like a true Casanova: trusting, non-judgmental, gentlemanly, spiritual.  Hopefully he will find one of the 10% of women who wouldn't slut it up for celebs.  I would like to see his statistical data, however.  I picture him asking women "what would you say is your best quality," to which they respond "I would have to say whoring around."


I made Amish friendship bread this week for the first time.  It is delicious and I have at least 3 slices a day.  The bad news is that I forgot to give the remaining dough to a friend, as is the entire point of friendship bread.  I'm ashamed.

Friendship Bread, I kept you for myself.
And that was wrong.

Jackie, winner of my sweepstakes (I am currently working on her stuffed animal), is doing a fundraiser for First Book, an organization that provides new books to children in need.  A donation of $10 buys 4 books!  Here is a link to Jackie's fundraising website if you would like to contribute!


I have been obsessively reading a post on Reddit that asks non-Americans what they like about Americans.  I know we have a lot to work on, but I will say I am proud that it comes up often in the post how friendly we are, even to complete strangers. Here is the link if you want to check it out.


This "tow-truck" I saw downtown looked questionable to me.

I want reassurance that this is not a crucifix delivery truck, or if it is,
that it at least plays music like its ice cream equivalent.

I had the honor of being in the room when my brother first saw his daughter, Lola Mae.

Now Lola is almost 2, and I still smile uncontrollably when I watch them together.  Here are some pictures of two of my favorite people in the whole world!


  1. 2. I absolutely laughed out loud.

    3. You kept friendship bread for yourself? I'm dying. You are so funny.

    5. I will tell you that "friendliness to complete strangers" is often what I've heard is Americans' best attribute. When I lived in Prague, many Czechs mentioned this to me, and I've also read it in someone's book once although for the life of me I can't remember where.

    1. Haha! I had good intentions of giving you a starter for the bread, but instead I let it sit on my counter for several days before throwing it out. I am taking one of the loaves to a tailgate today, just so I can partially redeem myself.

  2. yup, the whole point of friendship bread is to pass it along ;-)

    but that's okay. it IS good, isn't it?

  3. I have to confess, I've never told anyone this....but..... I didn't even bake the "friendship" dough that I was "gifted" (to my shame)so you aren't so terrible Jenna.

    I adore these pictures. I was such a Daddy's girl, these make my heart smile; :-) What a love story~ *hugs*

    1. Haha! Thank you for making me feel better Sheila! And I love those photos, too. They are too cute together. I'm so excited for Salem! Sarah and I bought our train tickets last night.

  4. Good job on the friendship bread. My starter made friends with the freezer, then the fridge, and stayed with the fridge until we moved, and then it made besties with the trash and I promptly lost touch with it.
    And from now on when I need a writing prompt, I'm checking out craigslist 'rants and raves' for inspiration. Cha-ching.
    Keep up the funny stuff!

    1. Thanks for the friendship bread encouragement. "Made besties with the trash" <-- haha! I love that! And 'rants and raves' is a blogging goldmine. I like 'missed connections' as well.