Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shoot for the Moon!

"Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."  I think I saw this on a popular girl's AOL profile when I was in the 8th grade.  Regardless, it resounds today more than ever before.

I have a knack for applying for jobs that I am totally and unequivocally unqualified for.  About two months ago, I sent in an application for a General Counsel position at Marshall.  I thought it was a job posting for one of several General Counsel positions at the University.

Nope.  There is only one General Counsel attorney who also acts as the Vice President for Executive Affairs.  This is reminiscent of the time I applied for Marshall's Chief of Staff opening straight out of law school.

The most embarrassing part is that I called several of my old bosses and colleagues to ask them to be references.  I am sure they knew exactly what I was applying for, and were rolling their eyes the entire time.  These conversations went something like this:

"Hey Mister Judge!  It's Jenna.  Will you be my reference for the President of the United States position?"
"Why sure, honey.  Aren't you just the cutest thing?"

I also think it's hilarious that Marshall University is probably now accustomed to seeing my name in relation to their most prestigious job postings.

"Oh, here's Jenna again.  What does she want to apply for this time?"
"Her cover letter just says she is applying for 'everything.'"

There are worse faults than dreaming big, right?


  1. Jenna, I don't know about those "high end" types of positions, but I can strongly relate~
    You see, I WAS, at one time, one of those "cutest things" in a traditionally male dominated blue collar workforce.
    Personally, I found that chewing copious amounts of "Mailpouch" chewing tobacco on my breaks (and spitting the resulting drool into a plastic Mountain Dew bottle with great force)then asking for a tooth pick from my boss, along with gaining 50 pounds, and developing a very uncute attitude magically nipped those types of condescending comments in the bud. Sad but true. Here is to hoping that you transcend your "cuteness" a tad more gracefully and/or graciously than I.
    By the way, "dreaming big" is a good thing!

  2. think big.
    dream big.
    it's all good.

  3. I think this must be how the State govt. offices in Lansing must feel about my husband by now. You'd think they'd just get tired of reading the same resume and give him a job already to get him to shut up!